Officers & Committees

Officers 2022-2023

President: Daryl Thompson

Vice-President: Donyele Darrough

Past-President: Brent Domann

Secretary: Don Killinger

Treasurer: Joe Anteau

Member at Large: Allie Penn

Committee Chairs 2022-2023

Media Committee:

Education and Elections Committee:

Member Services Committee:

Archives Committee:

MichALL committees are composed of a liaison from the Executive Board, the chairperson, and individuals who have designated their interest in committee activity on the annual membership renewal form. If you are interested in getting involved in one of the committees, please contact the chairperson designated. Or thanks to those who have indicated their willingness to work!

Media Committee

    • develop strategies to best promote MichALL in social media platforms
    • oversee the production of the Newsletter
    • establish editorial policies governing the Newsletter with the approval of the Executive Board
    • publicize the activities of the Association
    • explore relations with other organizations concerned with law or librarianship in Michigan
    • explore methods of improving public access to legal information; to recommend to the Executive Board programs, workshops, and projects that will improve such access

Education and Elections Committee

    • plan the educational activities of the Association
    • propose to the Executive Board any programs, workshops, publications, or other activities that advance the education of Michigan law librarians
    • work with the Vice President in planning the annual meeting program(s)
    • implement the provisions of Article X of the Bylaws regarding the nomination and election of the Association’s officers
    • propose to the Executive Board any scholarships

Membership Services Committee

    • send renewal notice messages to the MichALL listserv starting in mid-June
    • develop and implement a member recruitment plan

Archives Committee

    • establish protocols for managing organization records and retention
    • work with organizations involved in the preservation and storage of Association records